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Get Your Stroll On, No Matter The Weather 

Gray skies looking like rain, and threatening your afternoon walk with your little ones? Don’t let a little weather rain on their parade! 

Seriously great for inclement weather, the Keenz All Weather Cover not only keeps your little ones safe and dry by providing wind and water resistance, it’s also got UV protection for sunny days, too. It’s the ideal upgrade for your heavy-duty stroller wagon. 

Though they’ll be protected, they won’t feel confined thanks to a breathable design and four clear windows that allow them to see the world around them 

Plus, it’s easily foldable and stored so you can keep it with you just in case. 

With the Keenz All Weather Cover, you’ll never get caught unprepared. Order yours today! 

Keenz 7S+ 4 passenger All Weather Cover

SKU: 859801006601
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