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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weight limit of the wagon?
    The recommended maximum weight limit is 110 lbs (50 kg). The recommended maximum weight limit per seat/side is 55 lbs (25 kg). The recommended maximum weight limit for each handle and for the cargo bin is 22 lbs (10 kg).
  • How many children can fit in the wagon?
    The Stroller Wagon is designed for two (2) children to ride at a time.
  • Can you gate check the wagon at the airport?
    Yes, you can gate check the Keenz Stroller Wagon like you would any stroller.
  • I am having trouble with my wheels. What do you suggest?
    First, always be sure to check that your wheels are snapped on correctly and tightly before every use. This is particularly important to check after transport, or periodically during use, especially when using on uneven terrain. This will help ensure that your wheels are always snapped firmly in place. The Keenz 7S is a moving machine. Just like with any machine, there is certain owner maintenance that must be done regularly – like with a bicycle. All nuts and bolts should be tightened regularly. Because your Keenz stroller wagon can sometimes be used in fun, off-roading experiences, it’s important to make sure you clean out the inside of your rear wheel hub periodically to remove dirt, sand, and debris from the inside of the wheel assembly hub. The same care should be taken with the inside of the front wheel mount. This can be done with compressed air or water. It’s important to remember to add a little grease to the hub to ensure smooth operation. What types of grease can you use? White lithium grease is especially useful for friction like hinges, car door hinges, garage door rails, springs, and any other location where grease is needed. Or good old fashioned Crisco from your pantry is an excellent alternative! Just remember to cover the rubber on your wheels and have plenty of paper towels handy if using white lithium. White lithium aerosol can be very messy, but easy to spray. Just point your axle and the aerosol can away from you, and over paper towels, and spray. It’s a good idea to have eye protection on if you choose this method. Crisco is really easy… just add a blob on the end of the axle and snap in place. Use of the wagon will move the grease around inside the hub. Verify that no food allergies affect your family before using. Crisco is a plant-based product, but it’s always best to make sure your family doesn’t have negative reactions to plant-based products. Wheels are a moving part, and moving parts require a little extra care to maintain the longevity. Taking a little extra time maintaining your wheels will keep you moving freely for many years to come!
  • When is your next promotion?
    Subscribe to our newsletter, email us directly for available specials and follow us on social and be the first to hear when promotions launch!
  • If there is more than one promotion running, which one will i receive?"
    Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will automatically give you the promotion with the highest value. Unfortunately you cannot stack promotions for the same order.
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